Don’t Lose the Languages

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  1. Peter Smith says:

    Excellent article and thank you so much as this is a Great encouragement to me in ministry. Learning and ministering in 2 other languages (Tagalog and Czech) made it even more challenging to maintain proficiency in the original languages.
    By the way, if someone hasn’t sent a brief note in this regard thus far, I thought you might want to know there’s a very simple typo in the sentence that here follows: “Herodotus is a fun place to start, or Euripedes if you’re read for a real challenge.”

    Gratefully, in our great God and Savior, Pastor Peter Smith, Hope in Christ Bible Church, Berkley, Michigan

  1. October 12, 2023

    […] Don’t Lose the Languages from Tommy Keene (Sign and Shadow) – strategies for retaining our knowledge of biblical Hebrew and Greek […]

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