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Everything I need to Know about Revelation I Learned in the First Eight Verses

Revelation seems so difficult and confusing, but John has actually given us firm footholds in the opening of his letter. He’s guiding his readers in how Revelation is to be read.


What is the role of the Holy Spirit in the OT?

This week I’m preaching on Hebrews 8, which describes the betterness of the New Covenant using Jeremiah 31. The passage raises the question: if the NT is so much better because of the presence...


Paul’s Theology is His History

Wrede brought an end to the old liberal enterprise by arguing that you can’t seperate Paul’s religion from his theology. There is a deeper truth embedded here: you can’t seperate Christianity from history.


This Natural Miracle

The Bee Is God’s gift, God’s plan, his path to flower, His proof, mystery, victory To me   So subtle is The spade– The key, the seed, the melody, the song that unites the...