“Born again to a living hope” (1 Peter 1:3-4) [Greek Geek Weekly]

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  1. I read somewhere the anagennaw was coined by Peter and that it doesn’t occur anywhere else in the NT (other than 1 Peter) or in extra-biblical Greek text. Can you confirm that this is correct? If so, is there a possibility that he used the “ana-” prefix to connect it to the “ANA-stasis” of Christ, thus the new-birth can be our resurrection in a union with a resurrected Christ?

    • Tommy Keene says:

      Yes, I’ve heard that Peter “coined” the term as well. Of course we can’t prove that, but 1 Peter does seem to be the earliest recorded use of the word. That’s really interesting about the correspondence with αναστασις. I hadn’t thought of that. What makes it a reasonable suggestion is that they’re right next to each other. And the NT writers love plays-on-words like this.

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