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A Brief History of Time (According to 2 Peter)

Maybe the laws of physics have remained constant (but maybe not?), but at the vary least God’s way of relating to the world and his people (which we sometimes call a “covenant”) changes as we move from one age to the next. So the two ages are different, and that difference is a sign to the scoffers and to the church that God is at work and will bring about his purposes and promises.

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Sola Scriptura. Also, God is Love

Fair warning: the message is a bit of a matryoshka doll; it’s an exhortation to love embedded in a encouragement for apologetics embedded in a dissertation about sola scriptura embedded in a Reformation Day sermon.


You Stole that from Us

I’ve been working through Larry Hurtado’s Destroyer of the Gods with great appreciation. Here’s the wonderful way he describes his aim: The very features of early Christianity that made it odd and objectionable in the...