Announcing a New Experiment: Greek Geek Weekly

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4 Responses

  1. janet kim stroethoff says:

    Professor Keene,
    Oh my goodness! What an absolutely wonderful idea! I am very excited to follow along with you in reading I Peter. It’s going to be like a little Seminar for `geeks’ all over the world! It will be fun.
    Thank you.
    jan stroethoff
    P.S. I live in Montana–if you want to keep track of your followers–but I might show up as living in The Netherlands because I’m also working on Dutch and use a VPN.

    • Tommy Keene says:

      Thanks, and welcome to the Greek Geek bandwagon. We have a lot of folks here at RTS working on Dutch! In fact, we’re offering an online course in Theological Dutch next semester.

  2. James Keene says:

    Love it

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